Conquering Insomnia CBT-I Program

CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia)  is proven to be the first-line treatment for adults with chronic insomnia. It improves sleep in 75-80% of insomnia patients and reduces or eliminates sleeping pill use in 90% of patients. And, in three major studies that directly compared CBT-I to sleeping pills, CBT-I was more effective than sleeping pills. CBT-I also has no side effects and maintains improvements in sleep long-term, and CBT-I doubles the improvement rates of depression compared to antidepressant medication alone in depressed patients with insomnia. It also improves sleep and reduces pain, menopausal hot flashes, fibromyalgia, substance abuse,  and PTSD in insomnia patients with these co-morbid health problems.

In contrast to CBT-I, sleeping pills do not greatly improve sleep. Objectively, newer-generation sleeping pills such as Ambien are no more effective than a placebo. Subjectively, sleeping pills only increase total sleep time, and reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, by about 10 minutes . Furthermore, these small to moderate short-term improvements in sleep are often outweighed by significant side effects, particularly in adults age 60+. These side effects include impaired learning and memory, daytime sedation, dependency, and increased risk of overdose and depression as well as traumatic brain injury and dementia. Research also suggests that sleeping pills and drugs of abuse share the same neurobiological pathway involved in addiction, and 33 of 34 studies have shown an association between sleeping pill use and increased mortality rates.  For this reason, Ambien, Lunesta, and Sonata have received new FDA black box warnings about potentially fatal side effects.

As a result, CBT-I is now recommended as the preferred treatment for insomnia:

The American College of Physicians recommends CBT-I as the first line treatment for insomnia.

CBT-I puts people to sleep faster than sleeping pills. American Journal of Psychiatry

CBT-I works as well or better than sleeping pills. Journal of Family Practice

The Conquering Insomnia CBT-I program is for adults with chronic insomnia. It replicates the CBT-I program developed and tested at Harvard Medical School and the University of Massachusetts Medical Center by Dr. Gregg D. Jacobs in his work with over ten thousand insomnia patients over the past 30 years. In a study conducted at Harvard Medical School by Dr. Jacobs that was funded by the National Institutes of Health and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine (click here), his CBT-I program was more effective than Ambien.

The Conquering Insomnia program is a 5-session, 5-week PDF-based CBT-I program. (PDF is a universal file format that can be opened on any smart phone, tablet, or computer). The program is accessed online by logging in from any device. Because the program is copyrighted, it can only be used by one individual and cannot be shared.


The 5 sessions in the Conquering Insomnia program are organized over a 5-week period as follows:

Session 1

Basic facts about sleep; Conducting your own insomnia assessment

Session 2

Sleep scheduling and stimulus control techniques

Session 3

Cognitive restructuring techniques; Sleep medication tapering techniques

Session 4

Daytime relaxation techniques; Developing stress-reducing, sleep-enhancing
attitudes and beliefs

Session 5

Bedtime relaxation techniques; Lifestyle habits that improve sleep

The Conquering Insomnia program is designed to be a sequential five-week program (e.g., you begin with session 1, and then proceed to session 2, and so on through session 5 over a five week period). Although you should spend a week on each session before you move on to the next session, the program can be completed at your own pace.

The Conquering Insomnia program is also individualized because you can complete a sleep diary each week of the program, e-mail it, and receive weekly individualized guidelines and feedback from Dr. Jacobs on CBT-I techniques based on your sleep diary. (Please note that sleep diaries must be submitted within six months of date of purchase).

The Conquering Insomnia program also includes:

  • Weekly summaries of goals and tips for meeting these goals.
  • A library of insomnia focus articles and blogs.
  • Additional options for guided relaxation techniques MP3 and QA with Dr. Jacobs