CBT-I Training Manual for Insomnia – Institutions

CBT-I Training Manual for Insomnia – Institutions




This package is designed for Institutions and a license for use by up to three practitioners.

CBT-I Training Manual for Insomnia (Ordering information)

The cost of Dr. Jacobs’s CBT-I webinar and 180 page clinical training manual is: $195 for solo clinicians, $295 for solo clinicians associated with a sleep clinic, sleep clinics, or group practices (maximum of two clinicians can use the manual/webinar), $395 for institutions (university, hospital, medical school with a maximum of three clinicians that can use the manual/webinar).

This manual contains theory and rationale for the CBT techniques used to treat insomnia; detailed session-by-session treatment manuals for both group and individual treatment; extensive section focus articles, and program materials. The two hour webinar that accompanies the CBT-I manual reviews the most important concepts covered in the manual.


Chapter 1: Introduction and Background to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia
Chapter 2: Sleep and Insomnia: Basic Concepts
Chapter 3: Sleep Medications
Chapter 4: Assessment of the Insomnia Patient
Chapter 5: Theory and Rationale for the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Techniques Used for Insomnia
Chapter 6: Sleep Diaries, Progress Summaries, and Say Good Night to Insomnia
Chapter 7: Fees, Billing, Program Materials, and Marketing
Chapter 8: Potential Clinical Issues
Chapter 9: Step-by-Step Session Content for a Five-Session Group CBT Program for Insomnia
Chapter 10: Step-by-Step Session Content for a Five-Session Individual CBT Program for Insomnia