Online CBT-I is Effective in Real World, Regular Care Patients

Although digital (online) CBT-I has been shown in numerous studies to be effective for insomnia, few of these studies have focused on real-world study samples that reflect people in regular care. A new study tested whether digital CBT-I is suitable within regular care. 238 participants aged ≥18 who met the criteria for insomnia disorder were randomized to 8-weeks digital CBT-I plus care-as-usual or a waitlist control plus care-as-usual. The primary outcome was self-reported insomnia severity at 8-weeks post-randomization. The results indicated that the use of digital CBT-I was associated with a large reduction in insomnia  compared to a wait list control. . Similar results were also observed for improvements in daytime functioning, quality of life, symptoms of depression and anxiety. This study demonstrates that digital CBT-I reduces insomnia symptoms and improves daytime functioning in a real world-regular care insomnia population. These results underscore the value of digital CBT-I within regular care in facilitating widespread implementation of CBT-I as a first-line treatment for insomnia.